"There is not a drop or a vat of alcohol that will take away work stress."

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Work stress and unfulfillment are leading causes of women's drinking later in life.

I worked in an industry for decades, and I felt like I had to drink through the weekends and evenings to cope.

When we are barely getting through the day, it becomes harder to cope with anything, let alone a job that causes us anxiety.

But does alcohol help anxiety or add to it? You know what I say if you've listened to the podcast: anxiety + alcohol = more anxiety.

No job or boss, or co-worker on the planet is worth drinking over, my friend.


You'll hear: 

  • How I used alcohol for decades to cope with work stress and anxiety 
  • About my first panic attack at 27ish inside an office I was working in 
  • What happened after the panic attack with my self-image and drinking 
  • How throughout the years, my work changed, but my drinking kicked up 
  • How to practice different techniques to help you unwind without drinking

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