You aren't sure if you should quit, moderate, or imbibe sparingly,  To drink or not drink, that is the question (or is it?

Find out in less than 10-minutes!

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Topics included:


  • The number one question I get from women over 40 about drinking 
  • My story of quitting drinking
  • How to identify your drinking behaviors 
  • The THREE A Questions to help you work through what you want, and don't want from drinking 
  • How to track your drinking 

Hey there! I'm Lori

I'm a former drinker who advocates for sobriety in the middle of life. 

Why? Because we don't drink like we did in our twenties (or even 30's) and our mind and bodies need love and kindness, not ethanol. 

I've been sober since 2013, but I will never ever forget how difficult it was to make the choice to quit. 

I created To Drink or Not to Drink to help you take a break from drinking and ask yourself some questions to gain more clarity around your relationship with alcohol. 

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