I help you get more out of  life.


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Together, we create a life you love. 

If you are a woman over 40, who is tired of settling for a life that feels less than exciting except when you are drinking, I know exactly how you feel. 

I offer a 1:1 Personalized Private coaching package to help you experience what life feels like alcohol-free.

I'm Lori Massicot, a woman who decided at forty-five that alcohol was never the answer to anything she thought it was. 

I will help you discover a new way to live so you feel healthier, happier and authentically free.

I don't know about you, but for me, aging happy, healthy and free while drinking was an oxymoron. 

If you feel the same...

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I want you to wake up in the morning with a new-found sense of purpose and pride, and go to bed with excitement for tomorrow.



Envision a life where you explore and experience more than you ever thought possible. 


A life where you have more: 

  • Time to create memories, you actually remember.
  • Energy to take care better care of yourself. 
  • Happiness to elevate all areas of your life.
  • Peace to relax and calm yourself down without alcohol.
  • Confidence to show up authentically no longer trying to "fit-in."
  • Self-respect to honor your word and commitment to yourself.
  • Restorative sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to face anything. 
  • Friendships from other women on the same path as you where you belong.
  • Adventure and fun and excitement without alcohol being the center. 
  • Passion for exploring new opportunities that you don't want to miss out on in life.
  • Purpose to drive you towards the life you've always dreamed about, and leave a legacy of a woman who truly lived!


All of this is possible, and more once you stop centering your life around alcohol. 

"I had tried many times before to quit drinking, but could never stay the course. I always found justification to start back up again. Lori told me that time is what it takes to get to the other side, and it is SO worth it."

-Kathy N.



I believe in keeping things streamlined and straightforward, so I offer one signature program which offers both Life and Sober Coaching.

I fully customize the program to your needs and help you: 

1. Stop drinking by creating new habits and behaviors.

2. Create structure in your daily routine so you know what to do to stay sober.

3. Work through cravings and triggers to help you stay sober.

4. Create a nutrition and exercise plan that is simple to follow so you stay consistent and feel better than ever. 

5. Discover who you are and what you want after removing the muck that alcohol has left behind. 

The Fresh Start will help you make progress in week one. There is no fluff, just work.

"I highly recommend Lori as a coach.  I felt understood by her immediately.  Lori led me to several ah-a moments that have allowed me to take on mid-life with gratitude, clarity and contentment. Lori always provided a safe, supportive and energizing experience."

-Nancy S.

Would you like to see if we are a good fit? 

I would too! 

What you can expect on our call: 

1. Straightforward answers to your questions. 

2. A simple plan to move forward with tips and resources. 

3. A look into how my coaching can help you progress without wasting time and money. 

There is no obligation to purchase anything.

I ask that you have a deep desire to change your relationship with alcohol and yourself before you schedule your call. 

No matter if you choose coaching or not, you will feel better, and feel empowered once your call has ended.

Please schedule your free consultation today. 

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You deserve this.  

I respect your time, your investment, and  your mission to live a better life.

I know what it takes to not only get and stay sober but to have fun and enjoy life completely alcohol-free. 

Listen, friend, I get it, you're terrified of thinking you will never drink again, and that's okay! 

It's better to be terrified vs. comfortable because that means you are about to experience a big shift in your life!

You getting sober in midlife is the catalyst to changing every area of your life, and yes, that is big and scary and  bad ass!

I'm excited to stand beside you and watch you blow-your-mind daily as you experience (mid) life alcohol-free.

Relax, you can do this, I've got you. 

Not ready to dive into Private Coaching?

Why not get your toes wet with my group coaching membership, Elevate?

A 1:1 coaching alternative to transform your relationship with yourself, and go alcohol-free.  

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