Coaching that empowers you to age healthy, happy, confident and free!

I specialize in helping women over 40 combine the powers of aging and sobriety to maximize their health, career, relationships, and personal goals

It's your time to reclaim your life.

 Private Coaching is a catalyst  to help you re-ignite:


Through thought-provoking sessions you learn the tools and skills you need to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to end frustration,and re-focus and prioritize your life.


Each time we talk, you gain a reset into new possibilities. I help you focus on you and your overall wellness and restore your energy to heal and recharge.


Gaining clarity and energy gives you more time to follow your mind and heart towards reaching your big dreams and goals to create a big impact in your life!


You will see and feel transformation in all areas of your life. The new healthy habits that you create will help you find a new satisfaction and zest for life!

What a few amazing women have to say:

Joan in GA 

Lori was so patient with me. Her statement: "You can tell me anything" helped me to see that I was working in a no-judgment zone with a coach who made me laugh and helped me to cry. I am realizing at 61, the possibilities that await me! 

Nancy in NY

Lori led me to several ah-a moments that have allowed me to take on mid-life with gratitude, sobriety, clarity and contentment. Working with Lori was also fun. She always provided a safe, supportive and energizing experience. ”

Kathy in AR

I had tried many times before to quit drinking, but could never stay the course. I always found justification to start back up again. Lori told me that time is what it takes to get to the other side, and it is SO worth it.

Jen in WA

“Lori’s coaching has shifted my perspective on midlife and my life is so much brighter. She has a gift for bringing out the best in people and helping you realize that you really can do anything. ”




Lori Massicot sitting at a table smiling.


You are ready for more!


It's your time to thrive! 

You have the power to stop working on your relationship with alcohol and start working on the relationship with yourself. To go after your (mid) life with vigor and joy; feel better, look better, and stop limiting yourself. 

I questioned my drinking for two years, wasting time and driving myself into drinking more. I'm here to help you cut to the chase and move forward now so that you truly live alcohol-free.

My name is Lori Massicot. I know how you feel and I know that I can help you. I'm your biggest champion giving you hope and possibility for a new tomorrow. To learn more about me, please go here.

I know what is possible for you - I hold the belief for you until you see and feel it for yourself.




Become a woman who is happy, healthy and confident without alcohol. It's your time! 

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