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Midlife has come a long way!

In 2022, women in midlife and beyond are stepping into themselves and honoring their choices to live the life they desire.

Gone are the stories of yesteryear that say, “you can’t do that; you’re too old!”

Midlife women are starting businesses, leaving relationships that don’t serve them, overcoming addiction, and stepping into their true selves. 

Women are saying no to anything that stands in their way of being happy and at peace with themselves.

Getting older is an opportunity to shake things up and add a little disruption to your life, as my guest on episode 2017, Star Monroe, will help you do.

Star also shares how she has "taught herself not to be an alcoholic", and how she has overcome severe body hate, and abusive relationships.

Additionally, Star shares what inspired her to go back to school and train as a psychotherapist and advises ladies who want to align with their authentic selves.


What You'll Discover

  •  How Star feels about being in midlife

  • The status quo in midlife and how we can disrupt it

  • What inspired Star to go back to school and train as a psychotherapist?

  • Star’s plans for marriage after her second marriage failed

  • Where she is at now with loving her body

  • Star’s alcohol addiction recovery journey: how Star taught herself "not to be an alcoholic"

  • Why alcohol abstinence doesn’t work for her

  • Star’s advice to anyone who wants to align with their authentic self


About Star


Star Monroe is a leader in the midlife and menopause field with a wealth of experience working closely with women for over 32 years. 

Star has dedicated much of her life to studying human behavior and is a certified psychotherapist, eating psychology coach, relationship coach, sex, love & dating coach, somatic bodyworker, dominatrix, and retired showgirl.

Star has also navigated her own dark night of the soul, overcoming cocaine addiction, severe body hate, abusive relationships, and bankruptcy.

Star blends her flamboyant life experiences and wealth of professional training; she has established herself as a specialist in facilitating deep transformation and healing so that midlife women can break free from whatever is holding them back from creating a wild love affair with themselves and life.

Star is here to remind women that (mid)life and menopause are games to play, and you make the rules this time!


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