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If you think dancing as a “life tool” isn’t a thing, today, you’ll think again! 

Today, I’m talking with the wise and kind, Payton Kennedy about the power of using dance as a “life tool” to help expand your recovery. 

I started dancing at a young age, and when I quit drinking, I thought I would never dance again. 

The association between drinking and dancing was a thing initially, but eventually, I discovered the music again, and dancing helped me relieve anxiety and boost my mood.

After talking with Payton, I further cemented the idea of dance being a powerful tool that I think is underrated as a tool for managing your emotions and moods after you stop drinking.


What You'll Discover 

  •  What led Payton to where she is today?
  • How and why she started drinking
  • The pivotal moment that led her to start her life of sobriety
  • Changes that occurred in her life after beginning her journey of sobriety
  • The link between childhood trauma and alcoholism
  • How discovering her authentic self has impacted her business
  • Bio hack - how you can use dance to shift your energy 


About Payton


Payton Kennedy works with recovering women, providing inspiration and guidance to expand their recovery and create a life beyond their dreams. She is a Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator (Institute for Creative Mindfulness), and creator of SHE RECOVERS Dance, a guided movement experience promoting self-awareness, body positivity, freedom, joy, and empowerment. Payton is a certified Life & Professional Recovery Coach (IAPRC), a SHE RECOVERS Coach & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, offering private 1:1 coaching and classes. She has worked with the SHE RECOVERS Foundation for the past six years planning and producing events and retreats.

 In 2022, Payton created Expand Beyond Recovery, a membership for recovering women featuring trauma-informed movement and curated and original content and activities, all offered within a new and specific theme each month. Her purpose and bliss are expressed through guiding women seeking change and growth to a place of embracing their unique lived experiences and cultivating a resilient, joyful, and expansive recovery journey no matter what they are recovering from.


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