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Have you noticed an increase in your drinking or started drinking later in life? If you said, yes! you are not alone.

With menopause, grief, and financial and work stress, women are choosing to start self-soothing with alcohol for the first time in their lives.

The good news is you can get sober over 50 too! 

I believe the same reasons we drink are the same reasons we can choose not to. 

My guest today, Peggi Cooney, is on the podcast to share her story of not starting to drink until her 50s due to her traumatic stress as a social worker.

Peggi is so open about how vicarious trauma affected her life, and how no one in her professional life knew she was drinking heavily. 


What You'll Discover 

  • How Peggi's work as a social worker led to an increase in her drinking
  • What Peggi did the day she quit drinking
  • Alcohol advertisement and its effects on women
  • Peggi’s advice to ladies in their 60s who think it’s too late to quit alcohol
  • Peggi’s top benefits of living a sober lifestyle
  • Her biggest lesson in sobriety


About Peggi


Peggi is the author of This Side of Alcohol: Random thoughts and candid words of pain, hope, humor, love, and all that is possible in sobriety. – I highly suggest picking this one up! 

She is also a social work instructor and coach with a master's in Social Work from California State University, Chico, and spent 16 years in Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services as a social worker.


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