Finding Love Again in Recovery




Recovery from alcohol addiction brings hope, healing, and a chance to start again. Jennifer Golden is living proof that you can change your life and change your relationships once you get sober. For a long time, Jennifer lived a life where every ounce of energy she went to drinking alcohol. 


Jennifer's life revolved around when, where, how, and how much she could drink. But on August 12, 2015, she woke up, looked in the mirror, and said NO MORE. She joined the local gym and found that working out took her mind off of drinking. So she kept going every day. She is now 4 1/2 years sober, and the blessings keep coming! She loves to share my purpose in her story to help others who are suffering because you aren't alone, and we do recover. 


Jennifer is a mom to a 12-year-old boy, works full time in the garbage industry, and is an independent representative for an Activewear company called Zyia Active. Consider her your workout gear shopper! She also has a unique love story, which we will talk about in this episode.


In this episode, Jennifer shares openly about her journey from a high-functioning alcoholic to a woman who feels in control of her life. She owns her truth and finding freedom and LOVE again with her ex-husband. Finding hope and not giving up on the miracle that is waiting around the corner. 



She is reconnecting and working towards a new relationship today with her ex-husband, who she admits to never falling out of love with. 


She is very open about being a woman in recovery and how to open up and get help - take your first step towards all of the options that are available to stop drinking and get sober.  Jen sought help in early sobriety by working with a therapist and going to the gym. 


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Replacing drinking endorphins with exercise endorphins 
  • Getting fit after getting sober. 
  • Exercise for well-being and mental health
  • Normal people drinking
  • How sobriety helps you to step into who you are authentically 
  • Exhausting trying to keep up and hide sobriety
  • Being open and free in sobriety
  • Her dating experience during sobriety 
  • How she is taking care of herself now during Quarantine 
  • Finding love again with her Ex-Husband 
  • Drinking during the day - having shakes and drinking at 7:00 in the morning
  • Being devious in sobriety and not being able to stop 
  • Starting a new business based off of two of her passions - working out and cute workout outfits, and the benefits of network marketing. 

I hope that you enjoy this episode. Reach out to Jennifer and say hello!  

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Jen's first episode on To 50 and Beyond, #11



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