How to Manifest the Life You Want


Manifesting the life you want and deserve works! Think about this, you focus on bad stuff happening, and they happen, so why not focus on great things and make those happen too! 


My guest on episode 118 of the To 50 and Beyond podcast is Jerilynn Stephens, author of the new book, The Five "F" Words to Manifesting Your Life. 



Jerilynn has been consciously manifesting the life of her dreams for the last sixteen years. It was through study, practice, and patience that she decoded the keys to manifestation. During a particularly rough time of struggling with alcohol, she hit rock bottom and picked up a book that introduced her to the world of co-creating with the Universe. 


Jerilynn walks you through how manifestation can change your life by using the five "F" words: 


  1. Figure 
  2. Focus
  3. Fearless Action
  4. Feel It 
  5. Faith 


Jerilynn talks about how you must figure out what you want to manifest your desires. Figuring out what you want is not always easy, so Jerilynn teaches you how to find what you want by figuring out what you don't want first. 


From there, you focus on what you want and go after it with fearless action, so you feel it and see manifestation start to work for you—having faith in yourself and the journey every step of the way. 


I read The Five "F" Words in one night and got on board with beginning my practice to manifest my desires. The day after I interviewed Jerilynn, I woke up and said, I will talk to a woman today who wants to change her direction in life and hire me to work with her and help her. 


Within three hours, I had an email from a new client! I mean, come on, is that not the coolest? I used to be very "doom and gloom," so I would wake up and say, "this day is going to suck," and it did. 


I get it; I'm all in on focusing on what I want instead of what I don't. As Jerilynn explains in the episode, it takes practice to start manifesting and stepping into fearless action. 


Other topics during the episode include: 


  • Removing blocks in your life to manifest the things you want in life
  • Figuring out what you want in life
  • Eliminating negative people out of your life
  • Being given the gift of rehab for HS graduation
  • How sobriety has changed her life
  • She was talking herself back into drinking because "life is good."
  • The flat feeling of over-drinking and rules and disappointment
  • Getting started in the hair industry in Hollywood
  • The beauty industry and why people give up and get a desk job
  • How to go towards the outcome of what you want in life
  • Hair over 40 and what products and styling tools you should use


Lastly, Jerilynn walks you through, step by step, in her book and teaches you how to discover what you want in life by starting with what you don't want. 


Pick up her book here. 

Learn more about Jerilynn here. 


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