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Some of us have an easier time than others putting themselves out there to make new friends, especially as we age. Our "in-real-life" relationships may start to change due to your career, divorce, or lifestyle change, like getting sober. 

 Sometimes, a relationship from yesteryear fades away without reason. Have you ever been left holding the "old friend" bag of confusion and heartbreak? I think we all have at one point or another, so what is a midlife gal to do? 

 Where do you meet new female friends who "get you" and share your same passion and purpose?  

If it were last year at this time, I would say go to a live event focused on a topic you are interested in or take an exercise class or cooking class. But, in 2020, our live events have been canceled, and our get-togethers in person are rare. 

In 2020, our mental health needs friendship and connection more than ever, and so many women are struggling with loneliness and isolation. 

In episode 124, I'm joined by three of my friends whom I meet weekly to talk about life, world events, and the businesses we run - via zoom. 

Anne Walkup and Leigh Walkup, Founders of The Southern Lady Cooks and Front Porch Living Digital Magazine. And, Jaime T. Founder of Hypegirl Healing, a wellness collective for women.  

I met all of these beautiful, powerful women on Instagram years ago.  


Zoom is the lifeline for most friends, families, and co-workers in 2020.  

Seeing my friends face to face every Monday morning, at 8:00 am, kicks off my week with a bang! A couple of weeks ago, we got on the topic of Instagram likes and comments and unfollowing people who don't inspire you. 

During our conversation, Anne and Leigh mentioned that they made their Instagram a vision board that inspires them. I quickly caught the vibe and started to add more color, plants, adventure, and new friends to my feed. 

Jaime T. talked about stepping into fear daily and posting content on her Instagram consistently to build her business and meet new people. She also talks about getting out of the comparison trap that sucks your energy and your mission. 

 We all converse about what happens in relationships after you stop drinking. If you feel like you are putting sobriety off because you will lose your friends, this episode is a must-listen.  

Your friends who love you will love you sober, and if you lose friends, you will gain new ones; maybe on Instagram. 

This episode's objective is to help women over 40 feel supported and loved, not isolated, and alone. I think we did a pretty good job of getting this point across.  

Thank you for listening!



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