Holistic Nutrition and Wellness for Longevity


Did you know that only 7% of our genes predict longevity? That means 93% of longevity is under our control. I always say, “what I do today predicts my future.” Not saying that I’m anywhere near perfect in self-care daily, but I have found a healthy balance that supports my mindset first, which helps my overall wellness.  


I learned this information from my excellent guest, Annie Gaudreault, when I interviewed her for episode 128 of the To 50 and Beyond podcast. 


Annie had three different careers before coming to holistic nutrition and wellness in her early forties. Space beginning in childhood, Annie experienced numerous health issues, including living with cystic fibrosis. This genetic disease affects the pancreas, which prevented her from being as active as other children.


Losing her mom to cancer and her brother to suicide in her early twenties caused her to retreat and into what she considered a “safe world,” one where she found herself overly obsessed with her career. While she worked in public relations design and branding for some of the top Fortune 500 companies by the time she was in her mid-30s, she was depleted, out of shape, and burnt out.


That’s when and who discovered running, or perhaps, running found her. Space Annie soon found her Joy again and became an endurance athlete in her late thirties, completing over ten marathons and three long-distance Triathlon Ironman competitions, all while running her business.


As Annie became more active, other areas began to change. Annie was eating well, resting and rejuvenating, and feeling both energized and emotionally calm.


Armed with this new energy, she began to coach women to run their first marathons, and she soon discovered that coaching them was the most extraordinary and fulfilling experience of her life she had found her.


She went back to school to get her degree in holistic nutrition, gaining a basis in science to help her understand fundamental Health principles. She is now a certified holistic nutritionist and founder of VEEV health and wellness. She helps women in midlife make sense of all the health and wellness information so they can make informed decisions and establish cabins and systems that support their bets best help and best as she helps them to realize that aging well as possible and at some of their best years are yet to come. 


Her motto is, You deserve to age better and stronger. Let’s make it happen.


This episode is packed full of information! Some of the topics include: 

  • How to recognize food as a relationship.
  • Understanding what is happening to your hormones as you age.
  • The components of longevity.
  • The most significant predictors of your health. 
  • Tracking your emotions through a journal.
  • Busting through the myths of aging.
  • Being mindful of how you feel. 
  • Not normalizing feeling poorly. 
  • Mindful eating and thinking. 


To learn more about Annie, please visit her website. 


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