Recovering From a Codependent Relationship

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 or years Stephanie fought desperately to save her husband, her family, and herself from the overwhelming destructive power of alcoholism, addiction, and abuse. Ultimately, she realized that in her attempts to lift him up, she was burying herself. The only way to find peace and protect her family was to redefine them completely. 

Now, as a single mom of two, she chips away at the armor she welded on over the years as protection. And hopes her story provides light to those cowering in the darkness of addiction - both the alcoholics and the unseen heroes - the spouses. 

The guilt and the responsibility that I felt to stay so he could get better.  

I'm in awe of Stephanie's bravery and her perseverance to help others who are experiencing the same thing in a marriage or relationship.  Her vulnerability will help you realize that you are not alone; Stephanie's tagline.  

The topics discussed in this episode. 

  • Abusive Relationships 
  • Getting married at twenty 
  • Having an affair in her first marriage 
  • Running away from the relationship because she couldn’t take the abuse
  • Moving in with someone else quickly after leaving her first marriage
  • Married a man who was an alcoholic - Mr. B. 
  • Seeking help + self-reflection + recovery 
  • Finding help on Instagram through hashtags 
  • Justifying the relationship with her alcoholic husband 
  • Her husband’s behavior when drinking beer 
  • Why you don’t “just” leave an abusive relationship with an alcoholic 
  • Trying to get her husband to recover instead of her own recovery 
  • Telling her husband to leave the home finally in 2018 
  • Surrendering as a codependent
  • Having the confidence to own who you are 
  • Narrowing your circle  - Quality over Quantity as an adult
  • Fitting In vs. Belonging
  • Finding Love again on IG 

Resources discussed: 

Codependency No More, by Melodie Beattie

To find Stephanie: 

Unbecoming Mrs. B. Instagram 

Pete On Repeat on Instagram

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