The First Sip of Alcohol is a Lie


When I quit drinking in 2013, I focused on how much I would miss out without my sweet Chardonnay. 


I envisioned how much wine I wouldn't be able to drink. 


I worked hard to put the cart before the horse by thinking: I can't have a bottle of wine - what will I do?! 


I realized that the bottle wasn't what I needed to stay away from; it was the first sip. 


I thought, what if I can only have one sip? I wouldn't want it because I wanted the bottle or two, at least.


Staying away from the first sip felt more manageable than the entire bottle or even glass - this I can "try."


I created a mantra that I share with my clients: the first sip is a lie. 


The first sip of alcohol fools you into thinking you are safe; then it whispers, there you go, relax, I've got you. 


And then alcohol really does have you...over and over again. 


If you're reading this because you want to stop drinking and feel overwhelmed by the thought of missing out on ALL of the alcohol, start with just the first sip. 


By making the act of drinking smaller, you start focusing on what is essential in your life and finding joy in doing other activities. 


I will help you get to the other side of the first sip! 


Please download The First Sip is a lie that is a little over a minute of audio coaching from me to you. 





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