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Having a sense of self-worth is crucial for our emotional and mental health. It can be challenging to find the inner strength to pursue our dreams when we constantly deal with feelings of low self-worth. Many people who lack self-worth turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. However, substance abuse gives you a temporary fix for your problems, but it does not solve them.

So how do you work on your self-worth? Join the conversation with your host Lori Massicot as she interviews Meadow DeVor. Meadow is a personal development teacher and the author of books; The Worthy Project and Money Love; A Guide to Changing the Way That You Think About Money

In this episode, Meadow discusses her book, The Worthy Project. She talks about the difference between ideal image & true self, worthless & worthy cycles, and the front door exercise. Moreover, Meadow shares what buying a Gucci dress taught her and how you can start worthy work. 

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What You'll Discover

  • The difference between ideal image and true self
  • How to Identify the lack of self-worth
  • The quiz for assessing self-worth
  • How to do Worthy Work 
  • The worthless and worthy cycles
  • Meadow's worthy and worthless stories
  • The front door exercise and why it works
  • What buying a Gucci dress taught Meadow
  • How to start the worthy work
  • Meadow's New Book; The Worthy Mind 


About Meadow


Meadow DeVor is an author and personal development teacher who teaches students how to strengthen their worthy backbone, own their worth and live the life they deserve.  Meadow is the author of The Worthy Project and Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money.  She has been published in Woman's Day Magazine and many renowned blogs including Rebelle Society, Teach. Yoga, and Enemy of Debt.

Meadow also appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show.


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Resources Mentioned


To get a copy of 'Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way That You Think About Money' :

To get a copy of ‘The Worthy Project: 


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