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The first time Jeff Graham drank, he carried an empty beer can around a party. He wanted people to see him as one of the cool kids, but he felt like an imposter. The more anxiety he felt in social situations, the more he drank. In his 20s, when Jeff was dealing with the struggles of life on his own, he began having severe panic attacks. Overwhelmed by all this stress, Jeff drank more and more to keep those feelings at bay. 

Now, almost 3 years sober, Jeff is dedicated to sharing his story and finding community in sobriety.


What You'll Discover

  • Why Jeff Started Drinking 
  • The story of Jeff's first panic attack 
  • Jeff's fixation on alcohol and how it affected his life
  • Learn how to cope with the anxiety of life without alcohol


About Jeff

Jeff Graham is a former college football player with a degree in engineering as well as a “self-taught” master’s in Pale Ale Consumption. He is also a father of 4 and a “GrahamDaddy” to 3.  After decades of drinking to distract from anxiety and panic attacks, Jeff bravely decided that he needed to get sober and check himself into rehab for 6 days to get the momentum he needed.  

Now almost 3 years sober, Jeff is a certified coach with Annie Grace’s “This Naked Mind” and specializes in working with individuals that want to maintain their busy lifestyles and anonymity while they address their relationship with alcohol.


Connect with Jeff

Getting BAC 2 Zero

Discovery Call




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