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It's not easy to face our compulsive shopping behaviors, and it's definitely not easy to change them. I'm proud of you for even considering this episode, and I know how you feel. 

I've worked on changing my compulsive shopping habits for the past few years. It takes time and support to help understand what is happening in our lives that contributes to how and why we spend compulsively, which is why I reached out to an expert, Carrie Rattle, for help.

About Carrie

Carrie Rattle has delivered keynote speeches, and has been quoted in media such as CNBC, CBC, MSNBC, NextAdvisor | TIME, USA Today, Glamour Magazine and others.

Carrie is a Financial Therapist/Coach for professional women with a specialty in Compulsive Shopping. Carrie’s goal is to help women learn money self-care and have their own wealth, independence, choices, and control over their lives. 


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How compulsive shopping starts
  • Why Carrie refers to social media as “kryptonite” for compulsive shoppers
  • The shame of compulsive shopping and financial infidelity
    How compulsive shopping links to recovery and addiction 
  • How to recognize compulsive shopping
  • Two core steps to change your shopping behaviors


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Behavioral Cents

Shopping Addiction Behaviors 


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