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Hi, I'm Lori Massicot.


I started drinking in 1982, I had a perm and a deep desire to be confident and accepted by my friends.  I was a baby. From that first sip of pink champagne in 1982, I held onto alcohol as if my life depended on it. Until I realized, I did rely on it, and that it wasn't working anymore.

I took my last drink on August 11, 2013, while watching a Lifetime movie home alone. I had two bottles of Chard on deck and knew that I had to make a drastic move not to drink them dry.

Since this day, I have changed my life, not because I quit drinking, but because I started living.

I'm a Life & Sober coach for women over 40 because I know how tough aging can be, especially when you mix it with alcohol.  

One of the things I'm often asked is "How did you quit after thirty years of drinking?"


 My answer after struggling with sobriety for the first two-ish years is, "I keep it simple." I believe what sets me apart from other coaches in the sober and recovery space is my experience with the "sober struggle." I don't tell you it's going to be easy, I show you how simple it can be once you make a commitment to yourself which is what I did. 

I help you restructure your days to align with a sober lifestyle where you have the time and space to process how you think, feel, and do, all in a "NO BS fluffy" kind of way.

A Sober Lifestyle is the catalyst to transform all areas of your life from health and wellness to relationships to money and career goals and a deeper connection to your authentic self.


I don't believe you will miss out on anything if you stop drinking, but you will if you don't. 


I take the techniques I've learned and used in my sobriety to facilitate growth and transformation to help women from all over the world virtually and in person. I've become an expert at helping women realize right out of the gate that sobriety is just the catalyst for all of the possibilities that are heading their way!

I describe my drinking-self as worn-out, miserable, and kind of mean. I had no vision for living a better life and being legit happy with myself when I quit drinking. The work I've done in my recovery is the only way I can help others thrive and create a long-lasting healthy, happy sober lifestyle!

Professionally, I'm a Life Coach specializing in sobriety, mindset transformation, and holistic wellness. I'm an advocate for aging happy, healthy and confident, and free. I have a certification in Nutrition Coaching, and I'm the host of the To 50 & Beyond podcast. In 2018, I founded Real Aligned Women who is the founder of National Sober Day on September 14th each year. 



I'm a SoCal native Scorpio born on 11/11/67. I've been married to my husband since 1999 and think he is kind, charming, and hilarious! Our 19-year-old son is the light of our life, strong, smart, and handsome and a Massicot requirement - funny. I'm obsessed with all dogs, especially our Beatrice. I love to watch Bravo, have solo-dance parties, drink lot's of water, eat, laugh, wear converse, lift weights, and write in my journal three times a day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss my mom and dad. I can recite every word of the Beastie Boys License To Ill album, and feel so much excitement when I find a Lifetime movie that I've never seen.


Are you ready to explore life alcohol-free?

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