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Hi, I'm Lori Massicot.


I started drinking in 1982; I had a perm and a deep desire to be confident and accepted by my friends. I was a baby. From that first sip of pink champagne in 1982, I held onto alcohol as if my life depended on it. Until I realized I did rely on it and that it wasn't working anymore.

I took my last drink on August 11, 2013, while watching a Lifetime movie home alone. I had two bottles of Chardonnay on deck and knew that I had to make a drastic move not to drink them dry.

Since this day, I have changed my life, not because I quit drinking, but because I started living.

You have the power to change your path in midlife and  create something new for yourself without worrying about your drinking, and thinking about alcohol.

 I know you can do it! 

I help you feel better and enjoy life alcohol-free.

You're meant for more.


I know how you feel if you question your drinking and have tried to quit in the past.


You're here because you're tired of feeling lousy, and you're worried about your drinking.


You don't need a label or a rock bottom to decide you want more for yourself, especially as you get older.


Maybe your drinking is a bad habit or maybe it's more than that. 


You'll never know until you stop working on your relationship with alcohol and start working on your relationship with yourself.


All you need is that inner nudge that says I don't think alcohol is working for me anymore; I want to find out what's next, and that is where the adventure begins.


Give yourself the chance to create a life you LOVE without alcohol.

Once I took that first sip, I couldn't stop. 




My Story


I was a let's get drunk kind of drinker. I wasn't interested in one glass; I wanted the bottle, then another one, and maybe another. 


In my early forties, my drinking escalated. Along with blackouts and getting sick (often), my hangovers were three days long, and I scheduled them like I would a hair appointment. 


I was not an everyday drinker. I kept a job, built a business, a marriage, and raised a wonderful human. 


I started out as a social drinker, quickly became a binger, and problem drinker, and then I became dependent on the drink. 


I began my quest to figure out my drinking two years before I quit, so I had a label to attach to it, and at 45, I realized labels didn't matter. 


My drinking and thinking about alcohol and not drinking because I think I have a problem became compulsive.


After Googling am I an alcoholic multiple times over two years, I decided that to keep drinking would be more challenging than to quit, and I was right.


Since 2013, I have made it my mission to research, document and experience how life can be simplified and joyful without alcohol as we age. 


I help my clients find happiness in the little things and get excited for life while becoming a woman who no longer wants to or needs to drink.


If you're looking for support to not only stop drinking, but to create a life you LOVE alcohol-free, I can help you. 


Are you ready? 





Lori Massicot is a sober woman on a mission to help women over 40 create a life they love alcohol-free. For thirty years, Lori thought that alcohol was the solution to her anxiety and shyness, and on August 11, 2013, she decided to quit drinking and become the solution she had always been. Lori uses a simplistic approach to sobriety and helps women create a deeper relationship with themselves as they age through connection, self-care, and self-compassion.

Lori is a Life and Sober Coach, Nutrition Coach, and host of the To 50 and Beyond podcast, where she talks openly with her guests about aging sober and creating overall wellbeing in midlife and beyond.

Lori is the co-founder of Real Aligned Woman and National Sober Day every September 14th. 

She's lived in Southern California her whole life and is a mom and wife and a dog lover who strives to live a simplistic lifestyle in recovery.


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