Wine Fantasies Do Come True

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Updated 11/17/20

Fantasy is the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. 

Wine fantasies are what happens when you slip into another realm of your life while drinking. A life that is hopeful and exciting and full of dreams.  

I drank copious amounts of Chardonnay to slip into what I call wine fantasies. For decades. I envisioned myself leaving my crappy job, having muscle and strength, and traveling with my family.

All it took was one glass of crisp white wine to make me feel happy and creative and close to my dream life. The life that I would wake up the next day and start living to the fullest! 

Until the next morning, when I would wake up with a splitting headache, cottonmouth, and deep regret of the night before. I could barely function, let alone tackle my goals to reach said dream life.

My thoughts were always focused on someday instead of today. 

After seven years of sobriety, I can tell you that I have turned some of those dreams into a reality.

I have freedom, I love my work, I love to travel sober, I haven't had a hangover since 2013, and I'm happy in an imperfect life. 

These simple things make me feel like a kid again, where I fantasize about my dreams and know (from the bottom of my soul) that they will come true; sober.

Let me describe how I drank towards the end of my love affair with alcohol. I drank on the weekends; Friday night, Saturday afternoon through evening, and most of the day on Sunday. 

During my twenties and early to mid-thirties, I drank daily. 

In my forties, I would white knuckle it until Friday because I could barely function during the day. I had a business to run, and on the days where I felt hungover and exhausted, I would do nothing. 

I thought about drinking during the week a lot! I fantasized about the first sip and what I would drink, and how much I would buy. I honestly was in a committed relationship with Chardonnay and Champagne. 

When I quit drinking in 2013, I decided to give the relationship with myself a go and start focusing on what I wanted out of life.  


Wine Fantasies do come true, once you get sober. 


I didn't know how much I would change my life when I stopped dreaming and started doing something about my dreams. There was no way I would reach them if I continued to drink. 

The smallest amount of alcohol would make me feel like I was never going to be worthy of those dreams, so I may as well keep drinking. 

I began writing in my journal to heal and come off the brain fog and muck of thirty years of over-drinking. Once I saw my words on paper, I realized how much I truly wanted out of life. 

I've reverted into being a kid again and dreaming big without denying myself true happiness. I know that no matter what I want, I can have sober. 

And so can you. 

To listen to the episode where I talk in detail about my wine fantasies, click here.


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