Are You Sober Curious in Midlife?


To be sober curious in the middle of life is not so much about being curious about sobriety, as it is to follow a curiosity into how you will feel alcohol-free.

When I quit drinking at forty-five, I was more than curious about feeling better without hangovers and regrets than I was about sobriety. 

I thought sobriety would be the worst thing in the world to happen to me, and I went into with an attitude that was very resistant to change. 

If you're curious about how life can be better and think that leaving alcohol behind will help you follow that curiosity, you are in a great place. 

Women in the middle of life need excitement and adventure more so than ever in 2020, and doing something as big as giving up alcohol will give you a boost of something different that you may be searching for.

Sober curiosity may lead you to answers that maybe you haven't asked yourself. Questions like who I am, what I want as I start to get older, my goals, and what I value. 

I never realized how much uncovering of myself needed to happen until I quit drinking. I was not aligned with who I was as a woman in the middle of life, and I had no idea what kind of future I envisioned. 

What do you want in life? Only you know if alcohol is holding you back because you don't feel like you are showing up as your best self, and that is the only reason you need to give a/f living a try.

Give Sober Curious a different perspective by allowing yourself to be curious about you. 

Your mid-life demands you becoming your best self so that you can age with presence, clarity, focus, and adventure! 

Please watch this short video where I breakdown my experience with curiosity about sobriety. I hope that this helps you understand that begin curious is a really good thing. 


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