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As the holiday’s approach, it is a great time to check in with yourself and create a self-care practice that starts with some unconventional practices. 

The holidays are not easy. From grieving the loss of loved ones to feeling stressed due to work obligations and family drama - we can tend to put ourselves on the back burner and say “I’ll start taking care of myself on January 1st.” Let me just get through the holiday. 

I’ve had many holidays like that, including last year. I overloaded myself with things that I needed to get done and going away for Christmas which we enjoyed, but it was a lot of pressure and I felt it in January. I didn’t flow into January with my normal routines, I had a really hard time getting up and doing the things I enjoy to take care of myself until February. I talked about it n an episode I recorded in February, Give Your Inner Critic a Hug. 

So, let’s make a pact to lessen our loads and make time for ourselves to do what we want to do this holiday which is the ultimate form of self-care so we set the tone for 2023 to care for ourselves throughout the year


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