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Welcome to a wonderful episode with one of my favorite alcohol-free friends: Meg Lomas. 

I met Meg during my Elevate group coaching program in 2021 and instantly fell in love with her personality and zest for travel and adventure. 

Meg is retired and just turned 60 this year. She has a heart of gold and is passionate about connecting with women living an alcohol-free lifestyle and supporting those just getting started. 

She is a natural-born cheerleader for others, and it’s been a true gift to be able to watch her learn how to cheer for herself these past two years.

I invited Meg to the podcast because I knew her story would be relatable to many women in the tug-of-war of going alcohol-free later in life, being retired, and traveling solo and with groups alcohol-free.


Meg shares: 

  • Her drinking story: when she started drinking and how alcohol played a role in her life 
  • How she went back and forth with quitting drinking and what led her to ultimately quit in 2020 
  • How she’s worked through the association with traveling and alcohol 
  • The highlights of traveling alcohol-free later in life 
  • How to take a solo vacation: planning tips, Meg’s favorite destinations 
  • How she spends New Year's Eve to set an intention for the New Year 


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